Friday, October 23, 2009

My Birthday Party 9/26/09

Look at my yummy cake! Papa bought the cake decorations from the Disney store. It is all of the characters from my favorite cartoon...Mickey's ClubHouse.

The cake was delicious. It was a bit too messy to eat myself so Grandma helped me.

I was lucky to have lots of close friends and family celebrate my birthday with me. This is my boyfriend, Junior, looking handsome and all grown up.

This is Julie, Mommy's good friend from work, and her husband, Dick. Dick is Daddy's fishing buddy.

Mommy's best friend Michelle, her boyfriend Dave, and their baby Isaac. Mommy has known Michelle since the 1st grade!

I received a lot of wonderful gifts. Thank you everyone! Auntie Amanda bought me my very first pair of Ugg boots! I can't wait to wear them. Daddy thought they would look good on his head. Silly Daddy.

Daddy and Uncle Matt showing some brotherly LOVE!

One of Nana's gifts...a super cute Hello Kitty jacket. Just what I need now that Fall is here. She also bought me books, toys, PJ's and more clothes. Thanks Nana for all of the wonderful gifts.

I mentioned earlier that Papa was at the Disney store. Well...not only did he buy the cake decorations but he bought me stuffed animals from Mickey's Club House. I love them all! Thanks Papa.

Here are some of my good friends helping me with my presents.

The Fair! 09/20/09

I went to the fair for the first time and had a great time! I was not big enough for a lot of the rides. Luckily, Daddy found a carousel ride kids age 2 and up. Perfect....

We ran into a cowboy and cowgirl.

Look who snuck up behind us...a Horse. Not a real one of course but it sure suprised me. Good thing Daddy is here to protect me.

I love bubbles. We came across a lady selling bubble guns. Mommy and Daddy loved the idea of not having to constantly blow bubbles for me and the dogs to play with. Grandpa and Grandma bought me the bubble gun and we all love it!

We saw a lot of animals in the barns including horses, goats, and cows. See the big brown and white cow resting behind us?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Mommy's friend recently launched her website. Please take a moment to check it out! Christmas is just around the corner, so maybe you'll find gifts for loved ones.

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Pictures from my b-day party coming soon....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It's my birthday today! Sorry we're a little behind on updates. Things are going well. I'm walking 99% of the time now but sometimes crawling gets me where I need to be faster. Mommy says the Terrible Two's started about 1 week early. I don't know what she's talking about because everyone thinks I'm the sweetest Angel. Hehehe.
Here is my 2 year picture.

And this is my 1 year picture. I look so grown up in my new picture. So much has changed in the last year. In another year, I'll be getting ready for school. Wow. Time flies.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

May 2009-part 2

For Memorial Day, we went to Winthrop, Washington. We stayed in cute cabins right next to a river. This is a picture of Me, Daddy, Uncle Matt, & Cousin Patrick during our morning walk.

We spent an afternoon at the Methow Valley Rodeo. There were a lot of horses!

Daddy, Uncle Matt, & Papa made sure to find time to fish.

Daddy holding Patrick at the rodeo so he can see the horses better.

We spent a lot of time that weekend hanging out with no real agenda. The perfect vacation. The resort we stayed at had a pool, which was much needed because it was so hot.

May 2009-part 1

So much has happened since my last post that I have split my May 2009 update into 2 parts! We celebrated Mother's Day at Uncle Matt & Auntie Heather's beautiful home.

They have a nice big patio that is great for entertaining. We had a lot of yummy food and great conversations.

I had a great time playing with Cousin Patrick. He is showing me his music toy in this picture. Thank you for sharing your toys with me!

Playing with Nana

And the best part of all? Dessert! Homemade ice cream cookies. Thanks Uncle Matt!

I've been a pretty busy girl and need lots of rest so I have enough energy to play and cause trouble. Hehehe.

I am very flexible. Maybe I can become a gymnist when I get older.

I love to play my keyboard at my Grandparents' house. Yes, I like to sit on the keys because it makes funny sounds.

I also love books. I like it when people read to me and sometimes I like to read to others. Mommy says its mostly baby gibberish but the important thing is I have an interest in books.

Grandpa taught me how to work a CD/DVD drive in his computer. I can push the 'eject' button and put in a disc and close it. Maybe I can put in my own movies and watch them whenever I want. Hehehe.

This dress belonged to my Auntie Amanda (Mommy's sister). It was given to her by my Great Grandma. Everyone tells me I look exactly like my Auntie when she was this age. I'll have ask Mommy to post a picture for you to see for yourselves.

Can I get some privacy please?

I'm still getting more teeth in so I have to brush them everyday. They are very sharp too! Just ask Mommy and Daddy.
Part 2 of May to come soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

April 2009

Oh my...where did April go? Nothing too exciting happened this month. I was sick for about 1 week but bounced right back. I missed Easter Service and dinner with the family because I was recovering from being sick. Mommy and Daddy didn't want me to share germs with everyone else.

I still got to dressed up in my Easter dress and went over to Nana and Papa's house to open my Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny brought me bubbles!!! Popping bubbles is one of my favorite hobbies. I also got books, stuffed bunnies, candy (which I don't eat), and some other cool stuff.

Feeling kind of tired but trying to be tough like a big girl.

This is Mommy's attempt in experimenting with my hair. I have discovered how to pull all bows and rubberbands out of my hair. HeHeHe. She's lucky I left the pigtails in long enough for her to get a picture.

We celebrated Mother's Day with Grandma a little early by taking her to the Annual Tulip Fesitval. Look at all the pretty colors. There was so many tulips!

These were so pretty. Us girls just had to get a picture.

Mommy is trying to stop me from kicking and stepping on the tulips. Don't hold me back!!! I'm on a mission.

I liked touching them. These red ones almost match my outfit.

Mommy and Daddy are trying to teach me to be gentle with the flowers. Ok. I'll try but no promises.

Me with Daddy and Mommy.

These are Mommy's favorite. Sorry for the late update for April. Mommy might as well start working on May's update since it's already the 20th. Hehehe.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009

Hi everyone! Mommy's been really busy, so sorry for the wait on an update. I'm 18 months old now! I'm 29 inches tall and weigh 19.6 lbs. Some of my favorite things to do is talk on the phone, listen to music, make music, crawl up the stairs, and read books. Some of my favorite things to eat include oatmeal with yogurt, chips, cheese, rice, chicken, apples, and bean sprouts. The dress I'm wearing in this picture was given to me by my Grandma Bonnie last Christmas. I love the outfit and I received a lot of nice compliments. Thank you and hope you feel better soon.

My friend Morgan turned 3 on St. Patty's Day. She had a fun birthday party at Charlie Safari's (a family fun center with big bounce houses & my new favorite hang out)

I had such a good time at the birthday party. Happy Birthday Morgan! I had a great workout.

I'm still learning lots of signs. Some of my new ones are: thank you, cracker, drink, cow, dance, jump/bounce, apple, pig, bath, and shaking my head no to everything. Hahaha.

I just learned that the dishwasher is a great toy. I like to help Mommy empty the dishwasher by pulling spoons out and throwing them on the floor.

My Uncle Cory (one of Daddy's best friends from Spokane, Washington) came over to visit this last weekend. They spent a lot of time fishing. Here's the 2 fish they caught on Saturday. Good job Daddy and Uncle! It tasted very yummy.

Uncle Cory spent a lot of time reading and playing with me. I miss you Uncle, come back soon...and bring Auntie V.
Until next time......