Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures with Boyfriend

We attempted to take Christmas pictures right before Thanksgiving. It didn't turn out as planned.

My boyfriend fell asleep before we could get started. Auntie and Mommy had to dress him in his tux while he was napping.

Mommy really wanted to get a nice family portrait so she could use it for our Christmas cards. I wasn't being very cooperative. I kept trying to crawl away so I could go play. This was the best one we got.

My Grandma Chau bought be this pretty dress to match my beautiful ruby red slippers my Aunt Heather bought me for my birthday.

I had to take a break from the photoshoot and get a quick snack. Poor Mommy was so desparate for a nice family photo.

I look like such a big girl in this picture. It's Mommy's favorite.

When my boyfriend finally woke up, he kept pulling my hair. Auntie and Mommy said that's what boys do when they like a girl. Silly boys....

How embarrassing. We have no clothes on.

The parents thought it would be cute to try to get formal pictures of me and boyfriend. We weren't too happy about having to pose and hold still for the camera. Overall, it didn't turn out too bad. What do you think?