Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo

Daddy and Mommy took me to the zoo last Sunday. Nana and Papa came too. Watch out Daddy! There's a big Polar Bear behind you!
Mommy carried me around the zoo. We saw a tiger, monkeys, wolves, sea otters, a reindeer, tapirs, a lot of sea creatures, and many more.

There were 2 big walruses. They are such great swimmers despite their size. They kept swimming by the observation area to say hi to me.

There were so many fun animals to look at and learn about. I had to take a quick nap to rest and recover from all of the excitement.

Do you see the elephant behind us? They are so big!

This is one of my favorites. This shark looks like it was resting while his friends were swimming around.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 10 month B-Day

I am 10 months old now! We saw the doctor for a check up and he says I'm a bit underweight. Mommy promised the doctor to start feeding me more solids. So to celebrate my birthday, Mommy decided to introduce something sweet for desert...Apple baby food. She thought I would like it but......

Oh boy it was tart! Mommy tried some and said it was sweet but not to me. Maybe I'll develop a taste for it after a few more tries. Why can't I just have cake?

My new food for the week is carrot. It's not too bad. At least it's not spinach, yuk. I prefer Mommy's liquid gold please.

Help! Daddy come rescue me! Someone distract Mommy so I can spit this out and wipe it on my tray.

I love to try to feed myself. I have pretty good aim and most of the food will get in my mouth. Sometimes it falls onto my shirt or tray. And if I am being silly, it gets in my hair in ears. Thank goodness for bibs and wet wipes.

Happy 4th

Papa, Nana, Daddy, Mommy, Nike, and I took a small trip to Hoodsport Washington for 4th of July weekend.

We towed the family boat so Papa and Daddy could fish in Lake Cushman while us girls were shopping. Daddy and Papa are making sure everything is hooked up right so we don't lose the boat on the highway.

This is the view from the balcony of our room. We are looking at the Hood Canal. Across the water is a town named Union. People in that town were setting off fireworks at night and it was really cool to see from our room.

This is my Great-Great Aunt Mary. She and my Great-Great Uncle Lloyd drove to Hoodsport to see us. I don't get to see them often enough so I'm glad they came.

I'm glad we had a fun weekend. Us girls explored some local shops and I even had time to play with my toys and got to see lots of people. We also went to a small street fair and listened to a local rock band.