Friday, October 23, 2009

My Birthday Party 9/26/09

Look at my yummy cake! Papa bought the cake decorations from the Disney store. It is all of the characters from my favorite cartoon...Mickey's ClubHouse.

The cake was delicious. It was a bit too messy to eat myself so Grandma helped me.

I was lucky to have lots of close friends and family celebrate my birthday with me. This is my boyfriend, Junior, looking handsome and all grown up.

This is Julie, Mommy's good friend from work, and her husband, Dick. Dick is Daddy's fishing buddy.

Mommy's best friend Michelle, her boyfriend Dave, and their baby Isaac. Mommy has known Michelle since the 1st grade!

I received a lot of wonderful gifts. Thank you everyone! Auntie Amanda bought me my very first pair of Ugg boots! I can't wait to wear them. Daddy thought they would look good on his head. Silly Daddy.

Daddy and Uncle Matt showing some brotherly LOVE!

One of Nana's gifts...a super cute Hello Kitty jacket. Just what I need now that Fall is here. She also bought me books, toys, PJ's and more clothes. Thanks Nana for all of the wonderful gifts.

I mentioned earlier that Papa was at the Disney store. Well...not only did he buy the cake decorations but he bought me stuffed animals from Mickey's Club House. I love them all! Thanks Papa.

Here are some of my good friends helping me with my presents.

The Fair! 09/20/09

I went to the fair for the first time and had a great time! I was not big enough for a lot of the rides. Luckily, Daddy found a carousel ride kids age 2 and up. Perfect....

We ran into a cowboy and cowgirl.

Look who snuck up behind us...a Horse. Not a real one of course but it sure suprised me. Good thing Daddy is here to protect me.

I love bubbles. We came across a lady selling bubble guns. Mommy and Daddy loved the idea of not having to constantly blow bubbles for me and the dogs to play with. Grandpa and Grandma bought me the bubble gun and we all love it!

We saw a lot of animals in the barns including horses, goats, and cows. See the big brown and white cow resting behind us?