Monday, June 15, 2009

May 2009-part 2

For Memorial Day, we went to Winthrop, Washington. We stayed in cute cabins right next to a river. This is a picture of Me, Daddy, Uncle Matt, & Cousin Patrick during our morning walk.

We spent an afternoon at the Methow Valley Rodeo. There were a lot of horses!

Daddy, Uncle Matt, & Papa made sure to find time to fish.

Daddy holding Patrick at the rodeo so he can see the horses better.

We spent a lot of time that weekend hanging out with no real agenda. The perfect vacation. The resort we stayed at had a pool, which was much needed because it was so hot.

May 2009-part 1

So much has happened since my last post that I have split my May 2009 update into 2 parts! We celebrated Mother's Day at Uncle Matt & Auntie Heather's beautiful home.

They have a nice big patio that is great for entertaining. We had a lot of yummy food and great conversations.

I had a great time playing with Cousin Patrick. He is showing me his music toy in this picture. Thank you for sharing your toys with me!

Playing with Nana

And the best part of all? Dessert! Homemade ice cream cookies. Thanks Uncle Matt!

I've been a pretty busy girl and need lots of rest so I have enough energy to play and cause trouble. Hehehe.

I am very flexible. Maybe I can become a gymnist when I get older.

I love to play my keyboard at my Grandparents' house. Yes, I like to sit on the keys because it makes funny sounds.

I also love books. I like it when people read to me and sometimes I like to read to others. Mommy says its mostly baby gibberish but the important thing is I have an interest in books.

Grandpa taught me how to work a CD/DVD drive in his computer. I can push the 'eject' button and put in a disc and close it. Maybe I can put in my own movies and watch them whenever I want. Hehehe.

This dress belonged to my Auntie Amanda (Mommy's sister). It was given to her by my Great Grandma. Everyone tells me I look exactly like my Auntie when she was this age. I'll have ask Mommy to post a picture for you to see for yourselves.

Can I get some privacy please?

I'm still getting more teeth in so I have to brush them everyday. They are very sharp too! Just ask Mommy and Daddy.
Part 2 of May to come soon!